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I simply wouldn’t be on my path if it weren’t for Kathryn Curtice. Her unwavering support and guidance over the past 7 years has changed my life.

Kathryn's a powerful healer and supremely knowledgeable, but more to that she's kind, patient and loving.

Thank you KC, you showed me a path that I know is truth.

– SAMANTHA O’KEEFE –  Margate, England ~ UK

I've been getting remote energy healings from Kathryn for nearly 2 years. I first contacted her to help me with my dog, but she quickly called me out as the one needing healing.

She's been instrumental in changing my life in the best of ways. Kathryn's been a key person in guiding me. I've become more in touch with my feelings and my body and she's opened me up to connect with my heart.

Prior to knowing her, I can see now I was nearly always in my head. I had little connection to my physical body or Spirit.

Yet with her gentle, loving manner and her indescribable ability to heal my energy body, my life is so much better and real. How fortunate I feel to have met her and continued to work with her.

The work hasn't been easy. It's required me to let go and feel deeply.

Remote sessions for me are ideal. We've “met” a few times per month for the bulk of the past 22 months, and for a period of intense healing we worked weekly.

Beyond working her magic to heal my chakras and remove energy that was stuck from past trauma, she's educated me about myself, love, relationships and beyond.

I simply can't recommend anyone more highly than I do Kathryn. She's been a game changer in my life and I'm forever thankful to her and to Spirit for connecting us.

At this point, I consider her a friend and imagine most who meet her will feel the same. She's even inspired me to learn ways I can help others heal, which has opened up an entire new world for me.

Thank you, thank you Kathryn. .. I am humbly grateful for your amazing gifts and the love you shine on this world.

– WENDY MADER –  Bend, Oregon ~ USA

I’ve had eight sessions so far with Kathryn. Although I’ve little practical understanding of the energy centers and their potential for manipulation and healing, the results are astounding.

These last few years, I’ve felt a peculiar absence in my psyche, in my heart area. It’s like an electrical short-circuit, sour, sputtering, disconnected from its source. This, despite a life that’s been fully satisfying: marital success, children, a home, work, and creative life.. I’d never have dared to wish for as a youth.

This absence, this dissatisfaction within, has been most painful around the question of identity, specifically as a physical being. Here again, my health's been very good, active and energetic. Yet I’ve felt cut off from some richness I’ve intuited as simple, natural and human.

Since these eight sessions, I’ve experienced a resonant, durable depth of presence, especially in my chest. This is felt as a groundedness, a rich and restful ease, a fullness, a condensed and simple me-ness. I feel a flow within and without, with less resistance or “stuck” places. There’s less defended-ness.

Fear, when it arises, is more often held in openness, a curiosity, even a welcoming.

I experience a natural sense of being kindly knit-together. Often what’s here is a warm, personal light that’s healing, kind, supportive.

I’m not done. Still, what’s more consistent is a vulnerable, sensitive quality that feels appropriate, delicate, viable…fun, even.

– BRUCE BECK –  Cayucos, California ~ USA

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