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About Kathryn Curtice

Hi, I’m Kathryn!  I’m an energy healer. I help you create a life you LOVE, from the inside out. 

I’ve been in practice since 2008, facilitating healing sessions with individuals, couples, groups and animals. I graduated in 2012 from the Barbara Brennan School of Healing, which is a four year training in energy healing.

Prior to my healing practice, I was a Certified Financial Planner. I owned and operated a fee-only financial planning company for 29 years, which I sold in 2015.

On a more personal note, I’m known for my loud, infectious laugh. I LOL to reruns of The Big Bang Theory and Friends. I feel inspired and often cry while watching The Voice. As a singer, I perform and sing anything from Broadway tunes to Led Zeppelin. 

I dated my husband, Al for nine years before we eloped with our three cats up the coast of California in a motorhome. I’m my father’s daughter, tending our spectacular perennial garden (see picture).

I’ve a deep affinity for animals. We’ve an adorable tortie cat, Lizzie who makes me LOL daily. I feel inspired by her excellent eye-paw coordination, as she sprints through the house with an orange ping pong ball at her feet. She reminds me of my 22 year soccer career as a striker, but she’s got me beat in speed!!

Below, I’ve answered some questions you may have about me , my practice, and energy healing: 


Yes. You know how you talk to your friends about your problems? For years, a repeated comment I’d hear from my friends was, “you should be a psychologist, you’re so good at this!” 

I’ve been on a conscious, personal healing journey since I was 23. I was born to teach and lead others on how to be in the world with more peace and less struggle. That’s always been my mission for myself and I want that for everyone! 

I’m very kinesthetic, touching people when I speak to them. I’m an optimist and I’ve had many struggles and successes in my life. 

After 22 years of running a successful financial planning practice, I went back to school to study energy healing. One time my older sister said to me, “Kathryn most people aren’t like you, decide they’re going to do something and just do it.” 

I’m keenly aware of how people decide nothing is ever going to be perfect in their life and believe they have to do things they don’t enjoy doing. I’m very passionate about supporting people in creating a life they love. 

There’s a pull in me to learn, grow, evolve and improve my life and support others in doing the same. I’ve learned many effective tools over the years and I recognize that people don’t have practical tools. 

My mission is to empower and propel you to more awakening, so you can experience a happier, purposeful life. I support you in having more inner pleasure and joy. I do this by shifting the focus of talking about your life desires to actually experiencing real life changes from the inside out.

I had some amazing animal communication sessions with my cats. One in particular stood out. Pele had kidney failure and was declining in health. He peed on the vinyl cushions in our kitchen! I sensed he was pissed (pun intended) and trying to tell me something. 

The animal communicator “spoke” with Pele, asking why he did it. He yelled, KATHRYN LOVE ME MORE!!! Tears welled up in my eyes and I immediately knew what he meant. In that moment, I realized I’d pulled away from him emotionally and physically, because I was so afraid of death. 

I was treating Pele as though he was already dead!! And he felt it! This completely changed my relationship with him and death. I soon wanted to be an animal communicator. 

I searched on-line, but could only find a short one-week program. How am I going to learn to communicate with animals in one week?! 

My husband, Al a massage therapist suggested I look into the Barbara Brennan School of Healing. I went on-line and thought this is working with people, not animals. 

Fast forward five years, a girlfriend constantly told me about this psychic she loved and urged me to have a session. I’d write down her number, but never follow through. 

One day the psychic called, “your girlfriend has gifted you a session”. The first thing she said during the session was, “oh, you’re a healer…but you’re holding back…you aren’t putting yourself out there…you’re hiding out.” 

I remember thinking a healer!? What the heck is a healer?! It pissed me off she said I was hiding out. I remember feeling really irritated and depressed for weeks, not super appreciative of my girlfriend for the gift! LOL! 

A couple months later my husband asks me to order a Barbara Brennan CD. As I’m placing the order, there’s a button to click to get a free school catalog. I remember thinking, what’s this school about anyways, CLICK, …purely out of curiosity. 

A week later, we’re heading out the door for a road trip. On our kitchen counter, I see this thick envelope sitting in the pile of mail. Oh it’s that school catalog, I’ll read it on the road. 

I’m quietly reading for two hours, studying the curriculum, trying to familiarize myself with the terminology and I start seeing how all the pieces of the curriculum fit so beautifully together. I find myself feeling really excited!! 

I say to Al, check out this school, excitedly describing it!! The next words out of my mouth were, I’m going to go to this school!! 

That was the day I courageously began my conscious journey to step into my healership…not with a lot of trepidation along the way, mind you…but that’s another story!

It’s woo-woo! Mainly because most of us have no frame of reference for it and it’s not embraced by society as a healthcare modality, especially in the West. 

Science has proven that everything is made up of energy vibrations, which of course includes you. Energy healing works on the deepest level of your being, i.e., your energy bodies (physical, emotional, mental and spiritual). 

Thoughts, beliefs and experiences are energy, as well. Both your conscious and unconscious beliefs and your positive and negative experiences are held in your energy field, not your mind. 

When I do a healing, I connect in with the universal energy field, which everything is connected to, and I allow the energy to flow both through and from me to you. 

By working with your energy field, I charge and balance your energy bodies, clearing painful beliefs and experiences, which then support you in making new life choices. 

These new choices are in harmony with those wonderful mental concepts you connect with in those books you read! 

I have a gift in seeing the big picture. When you tell me a challenge you’re having, I ask you questions to get to the root of the issue. 

I can intuit and see how the pieces of your healing journey fit together and what you’re here to heal. This supports you in going deeper into your process, as I’m able to create more awareness in your consciousness around your issues. 

Healing is very organic, so nothing can be “made to happen.” Yet, when pieces are brought to your consciousness and they resonate with you, they can be healed, i.e., brought back into harmony.  

Everything is made up of energy, i.e., your computer, you, your thoughts and beliefs. Your thought-forms, whether positive or negative and your experiences, loving or painful are held in your energy bodies (physical, emotional, mental and spiritual). 

I clear your negative thought forms and painful experiences, so you can make life choices from a place of wholeness vs. your unhealed self. 

You can then experience more pleasure, joy and fun and can be really present within yourself and your surroundings.

I’m very practical, having been a financial advisor for 30+ years. I personally only use tools and techniques that work. 

Over the 35+ years of my personal healing journey, the most effective therapies I’ve used have been body-centered therapies, i.e., energy work, breathwork, NLP and core energetics. These have supported me in creating lasting changes in my life. 

These practical and effective therapies have cleared away negative beliefs, as well as painful experiences and patterns held in my energy bodies (physical, emotional, mental and spiritual), supporting me in making new life choices. 

Yes, it will work for you, if you take the next step, by having some body-centered type therapy. Doing so, will support you in embodying those concepts you read about in all those books. 

If you’ve read a lot of self-help, spiritual-type books, you probably don’t need to read another book, because you have the level of awareness of the “information.” What’s missing is embodying the information. 

You know how you can have a conversation with a friend about the next time you’re in a particular situation, you’ll make a different choice to get the result you want. But then you find yourself making the same choice or having the same reaction to the situation over and over again?

This is because you operate from your unconscious mind. And your unconscious thought patterns and experiences are held in your energy field. So until those patterns are cleared, you’ll continue to have the same results. 

Energy healing clears those patterns (i.e., negative beliefs and past experiences) so you CAN make new choices that feel good to you!

As far as “how can I be sure it will work”, the best answer is to read my client’s success stories. CLICK HERE 

I offer remote group energy healing, one-on-one individual sessions, as well as sessions for animals. I work via email, telephone, Zoom or Skype. 

Check out my Work with Me page for more information.

Because energy work is specifically working with your energy bodies (physical, emotional, mental and spiritual), it’s not necessary to have your physical body in my presence.

What I’ve noticed most about the personal growth industry is that a lot of awesome concepts are taught, yet how do you actually apply those concepts to get the results you want in your life? 

This is what I do. I support you in embodying all of those awesome concepts or action steps you hear or read about in those podcasts and books. This then shifts your focus from wanting certain changes in your life to actually having the changes happen. You organically begin to make new choices in your life, from a healed place. And you notice how much more pleasure, joy and fun you’re having, while really being present within yourself and your surroundings.

I’ve experienced many struggles and challenges in my life:

  • physical abuse as a child
  • emotionally absent, yet physically present parents
  • many failed romantic relationships
  • constant arguing in my romantic relationships
  • using sex to get love
  • painful divorce
  • high amounts of credit card debt
  • feeling stuck for years in a job I didn’t like
  • often mad and resentful
  • constantly needing others’approval
  • not feeling good enough
  • not being able to ask for what I want
  • feeling numb and often not knowing how I feel
  • difficulty feeling my feelings
  • fear of intimacy
  • difficulty trusting men and women
  • often feeling I have to do it all myself
  • difficulties in family relationships
  • no spiritual connection at all

Below are some painful thoughts and beliefs I’ve had as a result of my life struggles. As you read them, pause and check in with yourself. Can you relate to any of them?

  • I never have enough time/energy/money
  • I need you to take care of me
  • my needs don’t matter
  • it’s hard to trust
  • I don’t feel safe
  • it’s hard to say what I feel and what I want
  • I attract what isn’t best for me
  • I’m afraid of intimacy
  • people don’t give back as much as I give
  • I have to do it all myself
  • I’m all alone
  • I have to get mad to get what I want
  • I’ll never get what I want
  • I feel shame I still haven’t healed my childhood
  • I’m the inferior one with all the feelings
  • it’s difficult to let things go
  • nothing is going exactly the way I’d like
  • it’s hard to go to work
  • when things go well, it ends too soon
  • people don’t listen to me
  • it’s hard to be in the present moment
  • people don’t appreciate me
  • it’s hard to set my mind down
  • when my partner complains it feels like it’s about me
  • romantic relationships are difficult
  • it’s not easy to deal with conflicts
  • I understand my pain on a mental level, but to change it is difficult
  • men put me down and dull my shine
  • The place where you’re no longer wishing, wanting and projecting into the future, nor ruminating about the past?
  • The place of stillness within, where you don’t get triggered and can respond vs. react in life situations?
  • The place of acceptance of what is, experiencing pleasure, joy, fun and really being present within yourself and your surroundings?

These are universal places where we all long to be. It’s our true nature, our essence, our true state of being.

I know these places well….and yes I’m there. When I read the above list of struggles I’ve had, it feels like another person to me….it’s quite amazing actually. 

This doesn’t mean I don’t get triggered or upset. When I do it’s short lived. I’m able to handle and deal with my life challenges, accept what is, give myself what I need and not blame others. I’m able to let go quite quickly and come back to the present moment. 

My daily focus is to use any and all challenges, including small irritants as healing opportunities, to propel me to more awakening, continuing to bring wholeness to myself. 

One of my biggest strengths is my commitment to my healing journey. I can only take you as far as I’ve gone on my healing journey. 

I can actually impede your journey, if I’m trying to help you with something I haven’t healed within myself. 

My top three super powers, as told to me by my clients, friends and family are: 

  • I’m a good listener
  • high integrity; I create an atmosphere of trust and healing
  • I make clear the true order of life